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Weight Management Programme

Weight management is not just about losing weight but maintaining the weight that you have lost.

I am sure you, or people you know are familiar with yo-yo dieting. A cycle of losing weight through dieting and willpower, only to suffer the misery of putting the weight back on again in the end.

Diets don’t work – 95% of people who diet, fail to keep the weight off. The reason diets don’t work is simple, they fail to deal with the real reasons people overeat. Following a diet plan relies 100% on your willpower, and we all know that willpower crumbles over time. Weight loss and weight maintenance can only be successful if you make life long changes to the way you eat and how physically active you are.

This weight management program is based on a good healthy, balanced diet which is accredited by the NHS and runs in conjunction with the British Heart Foundation and so is both safe and effective, no quick fix, fad diets and depriving you of the foods that your body needs.

My key aim is to help you to become fitter, healthier and achieve your weight loss goals. This can be achieved by us working together to increase your knowledge and understanding around healthy eating, kicking out the old habits and bringing in the new! You will receive support, guidance and motivation to help you reach that target and beyond. Hopefully you will find that losing weight can actually be fun!

There are two options:

15 minutes per week – to weigh in, discuss the past week and plan goals for the week ahead, plus receive information on different topics e.g. making healthy choices when eating out, making the right choices when shopping i.e. understanding food labels, fats, carbohydrates etc, recipes, ideas for snacks….. and many more.

30 minutes per week – as above, but more time looking at meal planning, problem solving and more time spent around increasing your knowledge and understanding about healthy eating.

All meetings are on a one-to-one basis at my clinic based in Brimsham Park, Yate. See clinic page for more information. These meetings are designed to be relaxed, informal and enjoyable.

Why will this programme work when all my other weight loss attempts have failed?

This weight management programme is successful long term as it focuses not only on weight loss but also weight maintenance. It is not a quick fix or fad diet that involves you giving up all of the foods that you love for a period of time but more a change in habits and behaviours around food. These changes need to be realistic and achievable in order for you to retain them long term, leading to successful weight maintenance in the future. It is about gaining knowledge and understanding which will enable you to make the right food choices in order to achieve a good and healthy balanced diet.

The programme combines healthy eating with regular physical activity.

The most effective way to manage your weight is to combine regular physical activity with healthy eating habits. You’re unlikely to lose weight successfully in the long-term just by reducing calories. And doing more physical activity will not only help you lose weight but also has lots of other health benefits too, such as reducing the risk of developing coronary heart disease, type II diabetes and having a stroke. We can review your current physical activity levels and if need be, look at ways in which we can improve them. The aim of the plan is to help you to become healthier, fitter and to achieve your weight loss goals.

How does the programme work?

Firstly we will arrange for you to come along for an hour long appointment where we will look at your current lifestyle and existing eating patterns and behaviours, this will mainly be an information gathering exercise. We will calculate your BMI by taking your height and weight measurements and from these we can work out your BMR, which is your basal metabolic rate — the amount of calories per day your body needs in order to lose weight and then maintain your weight. We will also look at your existing physical activity levels which of course is an important part of any weight loss/management plan. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that I will be suggesting that you head for the nearest gym! But we will look at ways that you can improve your fitness through day-to-day life or by taking part in an activity that you enjoy e.g. a walking programme.

We can also establish at this point how much time we need to spend together each week and this will depend on how much input that you require from me.

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