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What is strength and conditioning?

Strength and conditioning involves exercise prescription specifically designed to improve sport performance and overall health and fitness. It heavily focuses on proper mechanics and technical proficiency to ensure injury prevention and to implement the correct muscles activating for the desired movement.

Whether you’re looking to improve your physical performance for your sport, upcoming event or just to move in daily life pain free, a strength and conditioning coach can you benefit you. You will receive an in-depth movement assessment with your specific sport or daily life requirements, using various dynamic, balance and muscle strength testing movements, to identify areas of: weakness, restrictions and imbalances. After this, your movements will be analysed and an individual tailored programme with be structured to meet your own goals and what you need to execute movement pain free and improve performance. The programme encompasses a whole-body approach with key elements that make up resilient, injury prevention and performance enhancing focuses incorporating:

  • Balance
  • Flexibility/mobility
  • Muscular endurance
  • Strength
  • Co-ordination
  • Speed
  • Power
  • Agility
  • Core stability

The devised programme will be structured towards different styles of training to ensure progression and improvements are made. They are individual to yourself and your circumstances, with regular tracking and monitoring by your strength and conditioning coach to detect if the plan is: progressing, correct for you, not over training and identify improvements needed.


Injury prevention and rehabilitation

If you have been suffering from an ongoing, acute or chronic injury, a tailored programme can be of benefit for you. Incorporating the same processes above but with the injury considered, we can help you return to your normal activity pain free and progress your performance.


How does this work?

If you feel you would reap the benefits of a tailored strength and conditioning plan, the next step is to:

Get in touch with us and we will organise for Natalie to call you and discuss how the program can help you and ensure you are completely happy with how it all works.


Strength and conditioning

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Book your assessment: This will take one hour. From this assessment an individualised exercise programme will be drawn up. A second meeting will be arranged. £45

Session 2: Your programme will now be complete. This session will be used to introduce and instruct your new exercises. £35

Session 3: 4-6 weeks later to reassess and check on your progress. A new plan will be drawn up. £35

If you would like further sessions, these will be similar to session 3. £35.00

We also offer Coaching sessions – £35

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