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Weight Management Programme

“What can I say! It is a brilliant programme that works really well for me. From the onset Hayley made it clear that the key to success was steady progress and a greater understanding of what led me to gain weight, lose it and regain it. I’ve been two stones over weight for most of the last sixteen years and have been the typical ‘YoYo’ dieter – 8lbs off, 8lbs on, 6lbs off, 10lbs on. During those sixteen years I have attended a number of well known slimming clubs, done detox diets and drunk many replacement meal shakes! I tried just about everything and nothing seemed to work for me. I always lost weight, particularly if something important was coming up. However, my very busy working life made it difficult to stick a particular style of eating. I would get to my own personal trigger point of losing 8lbs and then would really struggle to make any progress. The pounds would creep back on and I would give up. I’m sure this is a story that many will recognise.

In all honesty I learnt little about food and my relationship with it. With Hayley that has all changed.

Hayley is an absolute inspiration. Importantly, she is highly trained and qualified. At the beginning we discussed what my goals were. I didn’t want a diet, I wanted long term sustainable change that would enable me to understand my relationship with food better, one that would enable me to make better food choices. Of course I wanted to lose weight but I wanted to keep it off. I wanted this time to be different and it is.

Her professionalism from day one was very evident. The traditional weigh in was complimented a blood pressure and BMI assessment. Importantly, we had a thorough discussion to ensure that I was ready to make the permanent changes, both mental and life style, that would enable me to attain my goal of permanent and sustained weight loss. Hayley provided me with lots of easy to read information on food, calories, menus and exercise. Plus she recommended a brilliant little iPhone application which helps me record what I eat. These became the tools for my success.

With Hayley’s guidance and support, I now understand my relationship with food much better, I have a calorie budget that I use each day and I stick to it. I don’t starve myself and there isn’t anything that I can’t eat. My better understanding of food enables me to make better food choices. I no longer exercise so that I can eat more. I now know that doesn’t work for me. As a regular runner, I now exercise to stay healthy and fit.

I look forward to every weigh in. I believe, although I know only time will tell, that I’m achieving my goal of permanent and sustained weight loss. Although I don’t lose weight every week, I haven’t gained any either, I am well on my way to my weight loss goal. I even lost weight on holiday which was a first! Of considerable importance to me has been Hayley’s approach, as well as being very knowledgeable, she is empathic and pragmatic. At no point have I ever felt guilty about not losing weight. It is seen as part of the change process, some weeks you will lose weight and others you won’t. For some weeks staying the same is an achievement.

Dr C P Minas – GP Principal Northville Family Practice

I have been a doctor for 19 years and a GP for 10 years. Until recently I did not know what a sports massage therapist can do; when patients asked me I did not know what to advise. I took up running 18 months ago and recently I became aware that after runs my left calf would become very painful; and develop cramps that would not go away with rest.

I met Hayley through word of mouth. My wife attended a Hogweed Trotters training session and told me that she was offering sports massage sessions.

A few weeks and 3 sessions later, the benefits from these sessions are too many to list, but here are a few of them:

-the calf pain has gone;
-the legs are much more flexible and the stride length has increased through stretching;
-I feel more confident that any damage inflicted on the legs through running can be put right; more importantly, I know that with Hayley’s help I can work towards preventing injuries and ensuring I continue to enjoy running.

Hayley is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, eager to advise, explain and help. I feel lucky that I have met her and confident that when I need her help she will be there to advise me and help me recover from the trauma that running causes to my musculoskeletal system. I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to improve their flexibility or optimise their recovery from sports related injuries.


Mark Wolf – Research Technologist

In July 2007 I ran a 10k road race, on the 4k marker I felt a pain in my hamstring which then gave me trouble for the next 2 months.

Hayley came to the running club in September giving taster sessions and after being impressed by these, booked a full session the following week.
During this visit Hayley gave a very thorough massage and even managed to free the pain from my hamstring, which has been trouble free since then.
The service Hayley provided me with was very professional and her knowledge and advice was first class and I have now become a regular visitor.
My running has definitely taken a turn for the better since having regular treatment; I now have very little pain during and after running, more movement in my legs and greater confidence going into races.
Until I had a sports massage I didn’t really now the benefits they give you, only now do I know what I have been missing.


Sonia Cross – Long Distance Runner

I’ve been using HJ Therapies ever since Hayley started her business, and I’ve always felt the benefit of the excellent treatment offered.

There’s a new team member, Dimitri, who I had a massage with a week ago now, what a fantastic treat! Dimitri is friendly, extremely professional, and obviously experienced. The massage certainly helped me tackle my half marathon training run the next day, and I’ve already booked my next appointment!

I would totally recommend Dimitri. A great addition to Hayley’s team.

I would highly recommend Hayley to any individual who wants to lose weigh and keep it off. This one to one programme works for me, and, as I said at the beginning, it’s been absolutely brilliant!

Christine Stephenson

The BEST massage I have ever had in my life! I will be back once a month. Self care is a must for sure! 100% recommend.

Clare P.

Having contacted Hayley at Short notice with a foot health issue, she came back to me really promptly and was able to offer me an appointment with her colleague Steve the following day. Steve was friendly, professional, and sorted out my problem. Thanks to you both!

Rachel P.

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