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Have you signed up for a 10k, half marathon or feeling brave and signed for a full marathon? Now is the time to get that training stepping up a gear!

Running requires repetitive strong muscle contractions. The greater these contractions the greater the force generated and the more demand on the muscle fibres to shorten. These repetitive contractions turn into speed, power and distance, however it can also turn into tight and shortened muscles, loss of joint mobility and discomfort. The higher the distance or the number of runs, the more your muscles are working in this repetitive phase.

Massage has long played a part in a runners training programme due to the excellent physiological benefits it has on your body: Improved circulation, reduced muscle tension and helping with minor scar tissue between the muscle and fascia as well as reducing fatigue, increase flexibility and mobility and the removal of waste products. Sports massage is a good way to help you increase your mileage and push towards your goals while remaining injury free. It’s important not to forget those psychological effects massage can have on a runner too, especially pre event – Reduction of anxiety and stress, improved self confidence & enhanced sleep quality.

Massage can be used to prevent injury during training as well as a recovery process to perform better. Here at H J Health & Sports Therapies massage treatment plans are very individual and aim to support your needs as a runner. We assess your running goals, take into account any recurring injuries, new distances and how much you are pushing your limits and work out a plan of treatment during your training period.

When is the best time to schedule a massage?

It’s important to remember that deep massage can sometimes leave you with sore muscles, so you must leave enough time between the treatment and the race to recover properly. During your training it is suggested that sports massage is beneficial every 4-6 weeks in order to fully benefit from all the effects and to keep those niggles at bay. If you want a massage before a race it is best to book it for 2-3 days before your event in order to make sure those wobbly legs return back to normal before the big day! If you’re not doing any long runs and just want a massage, you can benefit anytime.

Massage can benefit you and your body in the week between and after your big event, not forgetting along the way. HJ Health and Sports Therapies offer 30min, 45min & 1 hour massage treatments specific to help your training and any niggles you get. Treatments can also include a series of stretches and even some home exercises so you get the best care during your training.

We are offering Marathon/half marathon massage packages for 2021/2022, please ask for details.