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Suffering with a painful back, neck and shoulders?

Whether you lift weights for a living or sit at your computer for eight hours a day, you’re susceptible to getting these pesky knots in your back! These knots also known as trigger points occur when your muscle fibres cannot relax. They are most commonly found in the trapezius muscle, a large muscle that extends from the base of your skull, down your back and out to your shoulders.

The knots feel as if they are small, hard lumps or nodules. A person may have to press deep into their muscle to feel the knots or trigger points. They often cause referred pain. This is when a person presses on the trigger point and the pain spreads from the trigger point to nearby muscles.


Common causes include:

  • stress and tension
  • injuries related to lifting and repetitive motion
  • poor posture
  • prolonged bed rest or sitting without stretching

A person who spends a significant amount of time sitting at work may develop muscle knots due to staying in the same position for prolonged periods of time.

How can we help you here at HJ Health & Sports Therapies?

We see a lot of clients here in the clinic suffering from chronic pain due to tight and restricted muscles. Our deep tissue/trigger point massage treatments are excellent for the relief of pain caused by these ‘knots’. Deep tissue massage techniques are used to break up scar tissue and physically break down the muscle knots or adhesions that can disrupt circulation and cause pain and limited range of motion.

You can experience a significant decrease in pain after just one treatment. We can then also give advice going forward on how to prevent reccurrence.

Receiving massage with trigger point therapy on a regular basis can help manage pain and stress for chronic injuries.