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Pilates works on targeting the deep postural muscles that help keep the body healthy, strong and in alignment, strengthening the body from the inside out. In working these muscles, Pilates helps balance the body. This alleviates back pain, muscular tension and stress and increases flexibility and core control.

Here at HJ health and Sports Therapies in Yate, we offer One to One and Duet Pilates

Why One to One?

One to One Pilates allows our instructor to focus 100% on you, your technique and progress, ensuring youachieve the best results possible.

The sessions are tailor-made for you as an individual focusing on your body and your goals.

At the beginning of your first session,there will be a thorough assessment and discussion around what you want to achieve. This will shape how we plan your sessions going forward.

Appointments are flexible and so can fit around your lifestyle.Our Pilates Yate sessions work around you. There are no fixed rules for how many you have. Book as and when you like. We also have the option of block booking to lower the cost.

Bring along a friend or partner.You’ll receive the same high level of attention and have the added benefit of sharing the cost.

What are the benefits of Pilates?

Pilates is also great for rehabilitation, helping people to recover from injury, surgery or illness. It’s an excellent way to regain strength, movement and mobility andOne to One Pilates provides asafe and controlled wayto do so.

Pilates is also excellent toenhance sports performance and preventinjury. It is very popular with our runners and cyclists,but can benefit most sports. The sessions can be used to work alongside your existing training programs to get the best results possible.

You can also use Pilates to manage chronic conditions. Pilates provides a range of benefits for patients with chronic musculoskeletal conditions. Find out how this can help youby getting in touch.

Take a class and see how it makes you feel. Loose-limbed, tension and stress eased away, standing tall, energy and moodlifted. You will not only take part in the session,but also learn techniques to use in everyday life such as good posture and how to stand tall. An overall feeling of good health,well-being and being the best you can bewill follow your session.

We offer One to One and duet Pilates to Yate residents and surrounding areashere  at our comfortable and relaxingclinic. Find out more and get in touch here. www.hjtherapies.co.uk/pilates/