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Have you got ear wax build up or pain from a blocked ear? Are you struggling to hear?

Earwax is a normal bodily secretion which protects your ears from dust and dirt entering the ear canal and causing damage to the eardrum or delicate lining of the canal itself. Unfortunately many people of all ages have problems with ear wax build up causing a blockage.

Blocked ears often cause several symptoms such as:


Difficulty hearing.



Ear infections.





It can be tempting to self-treat by using cotton buds to try and remove the blockage but this will only push the wax further down the ear canal making it more difficult to remove.

Here at HJ Health and Ear Care clinic in Yate, we use the latest technique in earwax removal – Micro suction. Micro suction is a completely safe and pain-free method of wax removal providing a prompt solution to earwax build up. The wax is removed by a tiny suction probe placed in the ear canal to gently suck out the blockage under direct observation with binocular glasses fitted with a bright light to maintain direct vision into the ears at all time. The advantage of micro suction is that, you will only need to soften the wax with oil for 2-3 days before the treatment.

Treatment  takes around 5–15 minutes and in most cases relief will be instant.

Ear Syringing versus Microsuction

There are other ways of removing ear wax, for example, ear syringing. But this is messy and isn’t as effective or accurate as microsuction. As micro suction is performed without liquid, there is less chance of infection compared to syringing. Microsuction is more comfortable and more precise, as the clinician is able to see the ear canal. This enables them to ensure that all of the excess wax is safely removed. It is also suitable for those with perforated eardrums, while ear syringing is not. The NHS have determined that ear syringing is actually not only ineffective but can be unsafe as well. 

If you are suffering with blocked ears, don’t delay, call today! Ear wax removal has never been easier. Our ear micro suction clinician Liz Rogers, a registered nurse of 37 years is here to assess and carry out your treatment using the latest method and technology.