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Are you booking an appointment for Ear Wax Removal?

1. Are you certain that a build-up of wax is your problem?
If not, we are very happy to carry out a free five-minute assessment to ascertain if wax is your problem. Please contact Hayley on 07846452000.

2. Please apply olive oil to your ears 5–7 days before your scheduled appointment.
This is very important as it softens the wax making the extraction much easier.

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If it is your first appointment with the clinic, please can you complete the consultation form and bring along to your appointment with you.

If this isn’t possible, no problem, we can complete it with you when you arrive.

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If the computer says no – give us a call on 01454 314 460 / 078 4645 2000 or leave a message to see if we can find an appointment for you!